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10 tips to making a good decision.

1. Mind over matter is a good guide. You know what is right! But the flesh is weak. Be strong, be determined and let the mind win, not the matter.

2. Seek solace. It is a place for the soul and brings a peaceful mind. Whatever your solace is find it.

3. Be brave. It takes a brave soul to make a good decision. Face the demons and stand firm.

4. Foolishness fouls freedom. Use as much wisdom as you can. Seek out a wise person who will help and advise you.

5. Find a quiet space. Escape the noise.

6. Take a peek over the wall and look at what the future may hold. Look for the positives and negatives.

7. Examine what is in front of you. Pick it apart. Put it in order 1 to 10 and follow it.

8. Seek commitment. Commitment stands firm and it will show true devotion.

9. Sweet dreams are very nice but not long term. Reality may be a tough choice, but in the long run a good one.

10. Google cannot help you. Seek help elsewhere.

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