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I can only imagine?

Will we ever actually know or understand what the other person goes through?

In a word, no.

How could we possibly contemplate or know unless we were in their shoes.

I have tried to grasp what my wife went through, but I have no idea of the sheer exhaustion she went through.

I know she went through terrible things. I know she cried, I know she was deeply hurt, but I can't feel those things like she did.

I did see though.

I saw her lose weight, I saw her anxiousness. I saw...

God, how awful. How relentless I was. I pushed her to the limit.

Yet here she is by my side.

I owe my wife so much. Her patience, her strength, her guidance, her persistent approach, her hope.

Some would say she was weak.

Far, far from weak. She could have turned and ran. She could have quit at any time.

But she was there. What amazing strength, courage and hope.

At the time I didn't even acknowledge her. She was a pain to me. A thorn in the side, so to speak.

But what a hero.

In my book, I call her my saviour. She Mitchell was pivotal in my escape from fantasy which would slowly crush me.

Luckily I had a few people who helped me see clearly. Without them I would be, well who knows where.

No one judged me, no one blamed me, no one deserted me. They talked to me.

As I look back at that time I still cannot fathom the complexitys.

There was no sense to it.

If there was no sense to it, what was it?

I think I know what it was.

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