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Inception deception perception

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

From nowhere came sorry, pain, lies and so much more. Where and how did this happen and happen to me?

No one is faultless and no one can write their own path in life.

From something came a different life. No rules and no boundaries.

Panic and sadness exploded and filled the space that was once secure.

Normality vanished and a new norm was engraved.

How long will this last and how will I ever move forward? What is the future and where will I find peace again?

Is there help? Who can help? Who knows or understands what I do? Who can see what I see? The birth of deception.

Everyone is nice. Everyone is supportive, but I am alone. I cry at night wondering what happened.

Life is different. Life is meaningless.

What do I do?

Carry on. Persist and fight for what is good and right. Be true and be strong. Speak up but speak in a way that challenges and makes them question.

Do not hide in the shadows. No matter how much you want to. Be present, be annoying but within reason. Speak the truth and expect the truth.

Take time to ponder. This is your response and you can decide when you want to respond. Think about your response. Make it challenging and objective.

Avoid blame and the challenge to fight. Be bold and stand firm. Do not surrender to their notion of fault.

Offer help and expect a turn down.

Prepare for lies, pain and more.

But remember they are not themselves. They are lost and need direction. They are on a high wanting the next fix. Their world is a lie it brings them pain but their world is beautiful. There dreams are keeping them alive. They will flounder and they will regret. it's just not now.

Help can't be forced but it can be offered.

This is your pain provided by them, but their pain is theirs provided by themselves.

Take time. Look after your health.

Seek help. Find the right help.

Next post, counselling and how it helped me at my worst moment in time.

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