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Let me invite you into my world...

A warm sunny Sunday afternoon. I laid on the hammock looking up into the deep blue sky.

She came out. I heard her. I invited her to join me on the hammock. Dreaming that we could share a moment from my world, together.

She declined. I was sad.

She had missed a moment that would have been embedded into our minds forever.

An invite into someone's world is a gift. It is an honor to be invited. Why would we decline, or why would be so focused on trivial daily things, that we would not even recognise the offer?

A relationship these days is hard, and we have busy lives, but what is more important? Spending five minutes in their world with them enjoying a connection, or a trivial task that can wait?

Priorities are important in relationships. Recognising the small opportunities that build the bond and acting on them is so important. Not only for you for the other partner.

That decline I had on that day made a mark and was almost another deciding factor in our relationship. It was another piece that was chipped off, as the relationship slid into a blah of daily routine.

At that moment I wanted and needed five minutes (just five), to try and share a moment.

No blame here at all. Just a lesson learnt. The lesson be aware. Be sensitive to what is happening. Recognise the invites that come unexpectedly. These are crucial to relationship survival. These is also very important whilst in a healthy relationship but also for a relationship that in mending.

If you are so busy that 5 minutes is going to destroy your schedule then you need to think about your life and your aims.

A relationship means, two people that are connected. To be connect we need to create opportunities. Opportunities that create memories.

  • From watching a scary movie together and comforting your partner as they scream and hide under the covers.

  • Going out for coffee and cake.

  • Going to the gym together.

  • Learning about the other desires

You get the drift.

My challenge to you is to invite someone into your world. Or to look out for the invite into theirs. Try both.

See what happens.

As I look out the window and look at the rain falling, I imagine.

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