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Page 15. I sat there thinking for a moment..

So I said we will have a catch-up about the role again, but nevertheless I needed to advertise it in the correct manner, thereby ensuring that everyone had a fair opportunity to apply for the role. That was my true and honest goal; I needed the right person.

I said to Rose that she had better go. She got up and thanked me for the vote of confidence and for the chat. She said how great it was to be back. Smiled and left.

I sat there thinking for a moment. I could still smell her sweet perfume, I breathed it in, memorising it. I was staring out of the window, which Rose had just walked by, until my thoughts were interrupted by another work colleague. They walked in and said, “Are you ok?” I replied with a “yes” and remarked that I was thinking about the future of the departments. It was true – I was.

I went home that day considering and analysing the day. I was thinking what a lovely lady Rose was and that she was good for that team as she was the most mature out of them all. The rest were younger with no real experience. But Rose had something, a quality, a presence, which was going to be needed to make the changes successful.

I drove home.

Little did I know Rose was to become a blossom, my blossom, my cherry blossom? What was to come was a frantic, passionate, all-consuming, powerful, all-absorbing ride that would never be forgotten.

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