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I do not like questions that I do not want to answer. I would rather run!

However it is now my duty to answer questions. Especially when I have created doubt, hurt, tears and so much more. When I created these, I created a duty to answer questions.

It is also right for the other person to ask questions. They need answers to heal, to understand and to start building trust again.

I gave up my right to not be questioned and I gave my wife the right to question. I respect that.

I cringe and I want to dodge the answers to the questions for some valid reasons and some not so valid.

I want to spare any pain in my truthful answers but the answers must be truthful.

I must understand the need for answers. That the answers may be painful, but that they also heal and create a better future.

It is not about me but about us. Answers create a better us and a better future.

Create a safe environment. Ask the questions with an explanation as to why you need an answer.

Answer the question honestly and with an explanation.

This way the healing can start.

Do not run. Do not hide. It will not help you.

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