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The jigsaw puzzle of love, life and ones-self.

What does love do? What does fear do?

What does any feeling or emotion do? If not controlled, it abandons any logic or rational thinking.

Having been there, in the realms of logical relinquishment. Possessing those emotions that took over my entire being proved to be a journey of abundant lavish and not-so-lavish experiences. Generating so many feelings that I might never have experienced.

Now this is important and instrumental in my answers to my own questions, and many would be confused at my answers.

It was a journey of discovery, about life and about me. I learnt so much from this journey. I learnt how to love, how to cry, how to be compassionate and how to relate to true feelings. It is a shame that I had to delve into such a place to learn these valuable lessons. However, I did, and I have.

I have been to an unknown and unexpected place and I came out the other side a different person.

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