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This is a poem I wrote during my affair.

I cry.

No distractions. I cry.

The pain is endless morning, noon, and night.

It takes over my soul like a virus, spreading uncontrollably throughout my body.

I ache.

I cry.

Will it ever stop? It feels like it will not.

I fall to my knees again. They bruise, again. Bruise upon a bruise. Pain upon pain.

My heart yearns for the love I may never have.

My heart yearns for the love I do have.

I yearn as if for water to sustain life. But I am parched.

My pain will not cease, my crying continues. The torture remains.

My life becomes unrecognisable.

Question upon question, but no answer comes forth.

I worry about loves that may venture alone in this world. I long to be with them. I long for them to be happy. But long to be by their side.

To live and love together, forever.

I cry.

My heart aches unconditionally.

Dreams fade but dreams approach so rapidly I am once again knocked to my knees.

The pain continues.

I cry.

I grow weary. I grow lonely. Afraid of what is to stay with me for my destined life.

I cry.

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