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Affair Truths

Updated: Jun 8, 2023


The perspective is an altered state of appearance with regard to their relative position.

And the picture is obscured by many different aspects. What are these aspects?


Endless Possibilities. The mind itself will lie to you. Altering the state of play and what it really is.

However there are always questions and those questions must be answered to be able to move on and overcome.

The fog needs to clear

A new look in a new light. But the confusion stays.

You have been tossed and damaged. Broken to the point of pure exhaustion.

What happens next. You look to the future and overcome the memories that haunt you.

No right or wrong

Don't blame and do not hide. You are human. Learn and use this as a tool to sharpen yourself and others.

Help those that need it, knowing that they are also blinded by the situation. They may have to travel through that place to come out the other side. They will come out the other side for sure having made choices along the way.

An affair is two things

1. An affair is all consuming. There seems no escape for you and others. Dreams and fantasy manipulate your mind and turn you into another person. Decisions haunt you day and night, as you curl in the corner afraid. They poke and torment you until you have nowhere to run. You try to avoid any reality that might change your desire.

2. Utopia. You have moments of utopia and fantasy as you huddle together and whisper to each other. Moments that are as blissful as the most forgotten moments you had before that. Butterflies and excitement give you a rush.

Reality will hit hard. When it does you will fall to your feet and cry until the tears dry up and you have nothing left.


Home is sanctuary.

Where you find true love. Someone that does not understand, but loves you so much, that they are willing to try.

They waited for you hoping and crying. Living every day in fear themselves.

But home is a miracle. Home is true love for sure.

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