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Let's keep going with a page a day!!


1. Brief

2. Let’s go back in time, who was I?

3. Let’s go back in time. The marriage

4. The flirting

5. The not knowing, was it real?

6. The first choice, and there was one!

7. I am well and truly in now

8. Euphoria and Addictions

9. Uh Oh! The worst trip of my life! France.

10. Serious discussion, plan to break up. We made up, well that failed then!

11. And so, it continued

12. Guilt vs Pleasure

13. The excitement grew

14. The norm

15. A new direction?

16. Short-lived – Feed the beast

17. Lies, lies and more lies

18. My marriage was almost gone

19. New Zealand

20. What were the warning signs?

21. Saviours of my life

22. My best friend, wife and lover

23. Challenges. Enough now!

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