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A wonderful affair outcome!

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

A marriage that has blossomed since the affair. Great news. But how did it get to a strong and happy place once again.

It was a case of seeing the truth and focusing on the facts. In the book: To Blossom and Back, it talks about love. It asks the question what is love? and it reveals the real aspects of love and how the realisation of love helps mend, heal and reunite.

It also talks about the Greek meaning of love. The Greeks have many words for love, because the wise Greeks knew that love cannot be put into just one category.

They are:

· Agape

· Eros

· Philia

· Storge

· Pragma

· Philautia

They all have a specific meaning for love. When you read the meanings, you will understand the logic behind the meaning and why they each resemble an aspect of love. This helps us analyse ourselves and how we see others and how we might want to change some of our actions.

The truth is when we actually find out what love really is, we can act on it. Actions (love) play a big part in allowing a couple to bond. This can be a multitude of items from making a cup of tea to arranging a holiday in Bahamas to accepting someone’s quirky behaviours which, make a person special etc.

Do we actually take the time to look and examine? We all pick our phones up and waste time looking at other people, so why not put the phone down and start looking at what is under your nose. Look at the idiosyncrasies that make a person real. Look at what they need from you.

We need to stop, examine ourselves, our partners and really look at what we see. If you actually peel off the layers you will be amazed at what you find.

So a marriage came out the other side, how? Through determination, forgiveness, patience, looking for the truth, learning to act, looking at the deeper meanings.

Yes, it takes time. Yes, you will wonder and you will ponder as to whether you will ever get through the dark days and dark nights, (which is talked about in an earlier post). God, it seemed like the pain would never end. The pain did end. Yes, there are reminders and occasionally memories pop back but new memories override the old. That special person is now truly seen and the qualities they have are truly recognised.

What I am saying is this. There are examples or relationships that took a wrong turn, but they can actually come out the other side, happier, healthier and stronger than before.

I am a witness to that.

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