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To Blossom and Back



This book has been passionately written from personal experience.  It is a true insight into an emotional roller coaster of love and relationships and the ensuing search for contentment.  Paul highlights the differences in counselling methods he received and the impact and impressions both therapists left on him and his relationships.  This is an amazing read for anyone suffering from emotional distress and for therapists that ultimately leave lasting impressions on the lives of their clients for many years to come.  Thank you Paul, what a wonderfully written book. 

Julia Hazelwood - MBACP (Snr.Accred)/FISPC
Counsellor/Psychotherapist & Supervisor of Counsellors & Therapists


Well I finished reading your book last night To Blossom and Back.

Got to say that I found it fascinating. I found it a brutally honest assessment of everything that happened. Although different circumstances I can completely relate to how certain songs and films became so memorable because of how they connected at the time- I am exactly the same with my break up.

Because of the honesty and detail, replaying all that in your mind must have been pretty cathartic? To be honest it has almost inspired me to do something similar, not to be published

but just as a cathartic experience.

A great and useful read. 



Awesome Girl...

A true journal. 5 star.

To Blossom and Back is parallel to many of our life's journeys. It was a good read and very open. The vulnerability of the characters in this book was connective and full of passion.

A good read.


April 27, 2020, 12:43 pm - The reviewer wrote:

I think this book could be of great help to all those who struggle with having extra-marital affairs. I think the author was extremely courageous and straightforward in admitting his own vulnerability throughout the affair, as well as the pain he inflicted upon himself and his wife, Mitchell. I particularly appreciated that, at the end of the book, the author included the emails that he and Blossom shared at the end of their affair. This provides a satisfying conclusion to the book, as the reader is made aware of the author's efforts in ending the affair despite the evident difficulties and the love he shares with Blossom.

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