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The affair - quick reaction! STOP!

Updated: Jan 12

Life is normal, but then something changes. Habbits change. Engagement changes, leading you to ponder and question internally.

Weeks, you watch and learn until you realise that there is only one explanation. An affair! They are having an affair!

You wait for the right time (which there is no such thing) and you ask the terrifying question. The question you have been avoiding and contemplating for months.

Scared, the question falls from your mouth and then there is silence, as their eyes stare at you.

They panic and flounder as the answer they have, is not the answer they want to give. they splutter and stumble as excuses start to pour from their mouth.

You watch in numbness as all life is sucked from you. Your heart pounds and feels like it is about to explode through your chest.

As you try to listen, you hear words that conjure up confirmation.

What do I do? How do I respond?

Stop right there!

It is easy for someone to sit down and say: Do not be hasty!

This is the time to stop and think. A time to question and to find out why?

Of course there are no excuses for the behaviour. However, there may be a moment here, where the 'I want a divorce' can be paused and thought about.

Why do i say this?

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