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A concept of imagination

The concept of all things good in a world unknown to us is comforting. Comforting but misleading.

Comforting in the mind now, which shines under the illusion of the future.

Be careful though, the buzz now may be real but the buzz now, may be very different to the alarm that buzzes in the future.

The trouble is the affair now is all alluring, all consuming and to be frank, great (at the moment) and if you are in the 3% of affair success then good for you. However to be in the 3% of success you need to be very lucky. I talk more about that in my book To Blossom and Back.

That fact is that your concept at the moment is probably flawed. You will disagree, that's a fact.

But guidance is key here, before it is to late.

If you are in an all consuming affair (and they are all consuming) after you have searched and searched for an answer, as in the previous blog with no success here is some advice. Advice is all you will get as you will need to supply the answer.

Stop and take a real long hard look at yourself as if you were someone else. Why take a look at yourself? Because you may be the problem! Is that possibly an option. There is no harm in eliminating possibilities, right?

What is the problem that sent you into an affair?

What was the root cause?

Was there a chance to talk about it?

Was there a chance it could have changed?

Can the hurt be fixed?

Can the marriage be restored?

It takes two to tango. A marriage is a unity. A relationship, a parnership and there may be a chance that, that wonderful feeling once had, could be returned, if both wotk together for the common good, or rather the love that faded and which changed to, just living.

There was a concept to your marriage. That concept provided you what was needed to love, laugh and live with passion.

I understand that, that concept changed which may have created a path that led to someone else where you now find what you once had before. But don't forget the cycles of life.

Nothing is easy. Nothing lasts without input or and sometimes hardwork.

So what was the advice?


Open up and feel.

Seek the good in what you had.

Seek the truth not the buzz.

Listen to yourself and others.

Think about what the other person is going through.

Find a quiet space.

Seek help

You are the founder of your future. You need to get it right.

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