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A Story....

To share an experience is to share a learning curve. That is the purpose, to help others understand either the mistake or to understand the action.

To Blossom and Back is a story, unfortunately that story may raise some undesirable feelings for the reader. There will be parts that hurt. It is not intentional or self-indulging; it is merely my story and I told it the way I felt it was best told.

The book was also a healing process for me, but I thought if others wanted to read it, then why not share it.

I knew I would be judged because of its content, it is raw, thought provoking, truthful and explicit, but for those that have chosen to stop reading it and fire a poor review based on their feelings, well all I can say is, you are possibly preventing others from benefiting from the psychological aspect.

I don’t care about the review on me, but I do care that a review might stop someone else from getting something good from it and potentially helping them through a tough time.

You see it is not just a story it is a story with a thought process alongside the story which shares and explains the inner thoughts of me.

To be honest the full meaning and extent of the learning curve is never reached until the end!

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