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An Affair. You are on your own!

God I remember the torment so well!

How could one decision turn into such a stressful dilemma. Was she flirting or was I imagining it?

Hang on a minute??? Shouldn't the question be, why am I even bothered if she is flirting?

Ah yes I know, because if she was flirting it boosted my ego? No I am not egotistical, so that isn't right.

Ok we connect, that is the answer yes we connect. But is she flirting. Was that flick of the hair, that sideways glance, that giggle, that stair, that accidental touch, were they a sign?

What if I don't act. What if I don't respond. God this is madness, but exciting.

I know I will ask google.

And so the search began.....

What is flirting?

How do I know if she is flirting?

What does flirting look like?

How should I respond to the flirting?

And the best question I asked google was....

Is she flirting with me?

Like google would know?

What is my point? My point is this...

During the build up and before the line is crossed, (and the line is another discussion)! it does not matter how many times you ask the question or how many times you rephrase the question or if you don't like the answer you search for a different answer. No matter who, what, how or other, the question cannot be answered for you.

Nothing or no one can answer your questions other than you and the sad thing is, you probably can't answer the questions either.

During the build up of and affair and the 24 hours pre the affair you will be in a battle zone of whys, what ifs, should I's, and how's.

This unfortunately for you, is your crisis and your questions.

I suspect that you will find out the answers, but you will go through years of hell first.

So what is the answer? There are techniques that can help.

On the next post I will explain.

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