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Dark days and dark nights

Ok here is the truth. As the betrayer you will experience darkness.

An affair takes you to places you have never been.

Amongst the highs there are huge lows. Oh yes!

It is not all fairy tales and utopia.

There are dark places and those dark places will chase you down.

Fear, lost, out of control, guilt, lies, sinking, drowning and more. Yep they will get you.

You may read this and say. Hmmm but this is love, this is meant to be, this should of been my destiny.


Been there, done that, failed the test!

No the reality is, and this is the truth... You think you have found love, your destiny etc. And you will keep telling yourself that time and time again until you become so worn down or just lose everything.

You see an affair is like a drug. A high.

Ok I hear you say 3% of affairs work, you say that you could be in that 3%

You could be. But you may not. The chances are when the buzz is over you will end up in the same place.

Take heed and listen. Mind or heart speaking, oh the confusion.


Get away. Think with a clear mind if you can.

All you will be hearing is...

But I love them.

This is meant to be.

We are connected.

I have found my soul mate.

It feels so right.

We didn't plan this.

But what if.

Yep you will be saying all that. Your heart will be racing. To make a decision and to turn them away. I can't do that. I love them.

Think of the betrayed.

Look, a marriage takes work from both parties.

Rekindle what you had. Make your adrenaline pump. It used to right?

The darkness will seek you out. It will be a long night!

If you need to talk then send a message. Talking helps. If you are in or having an affair, I get it. I had one.

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