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faltered, fallen and fatigued

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

What stage of the affair?

Who would of thought it? Who could of imagined it? Who would believe it?

An affair? Not possible.

Tarnished forever.

However it is none of my business what others may think of me. None what so ever.

The days roll by and my position and opinions change over time.

I do not know what stage of an affair you are at. There are so many stages to be honest. one thing I do know is that every stage is just as difficult as the other. There is no easy stage and even after the affair the healing/recovery is just as difficult.

What I am saying is this. You are human and we all have our weaknesses. That is not an excuse by the way but it is a reality.

We make mistakes. We have to live with those mistakes.

I do not beat myself up though. Yes I was wrong and yes I created a lot of hurt and I totally regret that and the fact that I cannot right it.

But I am human I messed up by having an affair.

I have also messed up in life by doing or not doing other things which hurt people.

The fact is I have learnt. I am a little wiser.

Sometimes there is no answer. I have been questioned to death as to why? Just as I have questioned others as to why they did what they did.

Is there ever peace after an affair? I will answer that in the next blog.

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