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Marriage on last legs!

My marriage was 99% over. She had certainly had enough.

She was broken and she had now decided that she would not continue.

She was unaware of my thoughts, my doubts, my intentions, and my discussions with my friends and counselor.

Rightly so, she was ready to leave. I had made no move to commit to.

Why would she choose to stay in this situation of uncertainty? Why should she continue to fight for a man that was not invested in her and her love?

I was in a position that was not favorable. I was on the brink of losing everything, and for what?

I was destined to fall and fall hard, if I didn’t take heed and act in the right way very soon.

My counselor directed me. In a time of thick fog, I had to find the path that I had wandered from.

I had some hard work to do.

The time was approaching when the shit was definitely going to hit the fan. One way or another, it was going to get messy.

I was scared, I was fearful and I was on the path alone. I had to take control and I had to decide.

I was almost there!

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