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Mental stimulation and sex

In any relationship there must be mental stimulation. Psychological interaction.

This comes in many relationships and in many forms.

If you look at your relationships at work or your golfing team, foorball team, netball team or knitting team. Whatever the relationship you invest in, that relationships via mental stimulation and very important.

Those relationships we enjoy. We enjoy the stimulation. The banta, the deep conversations the gosip the sharing and caring and much more. This is why we have friends and within those friendships we have a relationship.

It is strange that in our very personal relationships either with your partner, marrital or not, that we think that that mental stimulation is not worth working on. But this is the most important and most worthy point of stimulation.

So many relationships loose this very important part of a relationship. Why? If the psychological engagement is not there the relationship suffers. It withers. Sex suffers and it drives a wedge between the couple.

Don't fight it learn about it and engage!

Sex is physical and very important but just as important is mental stimulation which leads to sex. The mind is a powerful tool and the mind turns on parts of the body that need to be turned on and turn on via some kind of fuel.

If you have a car that engine must be fed. It is no good showing the car a can of fuel. You have to feed the engine the fuel. When you do, bam, the engine fires into life.

In any relationship stimulation IS key. When I am at work I choose who I want to engage with and to engage, I have to engage on a psychological level. It takes work but it is worth it because the other person invests back and a friendship forms.

If your partner has to seek psychological stimulation from other sorces you are missing out and missing out big time. Why because you are missing the best part of your partner. To be honest if you are missing out on psychological stimulation I feel sad for you, because it is one of the most exciting factors of a relationship.

Think about it long and hard, who do you engage with and connect with in a psychological way. Your friend? How. If you dont engage with your friend, your friend may seek a friendship elsewhere. Your son or daughter? Your partner?

All these people we connect with in different ways and for various reasons.

If your marriage is failing, look at the root cause. Ask yourself DO YOU CONNECT MENTALLY?




Have an Interest.




All these bring a deeper connection.

If your partner is seeking or has found psychological engagement elsewhere you will struggle to regain your position. Why? Because you lost your partner mentally and why should they all of a sudden turn back to you when they have found it elsewhere. Not only did they find mental stimulation elsewhere they have found a deeper connection and that means a long hard painful path ahead.

Be wise. Connect. Use the power of the mind to psychology secure your relationship.

You will not regret it.

There are loads of website about psychological stimulation.

Good luck and enjoy.

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