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Noise. Lots of noise.

It is amazing how we can lose control, and so easily as well.

One day we are in control, the next, total loss.

An affair brings lack of control. I am talking about the kind of control that steers us in the right direction.

But why is it so hard to take the wheel and get that control back.

Heck friends and family must wonder.

The true reason is lack of reason. Noise, lots and lots of noise. The mind is on over-drive

No rest, no peace, no answer. Lack of sleep due to adrenaline. No clear path. It is like being in a room with 50 people all telling you something at the same time. No one or nothing is clear and what you do manage to hear is flooded by another 50 voices. This is continual. No let up no break, just constant noise.

Is there a way of calming the noise?

There is a process but it is not a quick process. I wish I could tell you that is was.

The process is a natural process. However that process can be nurtured and fed. The true key is how you nurture the the process.

There are tools that can bring you to a quieter place and silences the noise little be little.

What are they.

Well to begin with you need to accept your fate. Either way. Two choices two outcomes.

Then accept that the outcome. Even if you don't know it yet.

You see if I choose to accept that I may get covid19 it quietens the voice that try's to tell me that I may catch covid19

Once the voice is silenced you can being to make rational decision without doubting the decision before you act on it.

Talk. You need to talk. Friends, family, counselor. If you talk, you override the voices that are trying to deceive you.

Act. Actions speak louder the words.

At some point you are going to have to act. If you don't someone will for you.

The bottom line is the process takes time. That is unfortunate for those that love you and for you as your time is running out.

But if you can speed the process up by silencing the noise do so.

I have been there. I have been deafened by noise. I know what it is like and that you want to scream and run away

But this can change. If you listen really closely there is one voice amongst the noise that is calling. This is the voice you need to follow.

Do what's right. Before it is to late.

Turn down the noise.

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