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Page 16. The next day I was handed an expression of interest

The flirting

So the days continued, from Rose’s first day back the days came and the days went. I carried on managing and Rose continued with her role. Some days I would see her and some days I wouldn’t. When I did see her I asked how things were going, whether there were any problems or anything like that. Rose would elaborate on problems within the service and I would plan, relaying these plans back through staff meetings and other forms of communication.

Rose would come through at the end of the day and have a little chat and, as the time went on, I assumed that Rose was happy in her relationship and that all was going well. She had mentioned that her partner and she were looking to buy a house. I never really asked much at that point. Why would I? I was not looking for anything. Yes, I found Rose attractive in many ways and yes, we worked well together, but that was it.

A month or two passed and I now had sign-off from finance that I could move forward with the new role. This role was going to be a Failsafe role and the person who got the role would become a senior and Failsafe officer within the department.

I created the job description and got the position signed off with HR. I was now ready to advertise the role internally. I had several staff members enquire about the role; it is amazing how someone’s work improves suddenly once they know they are going to apply for a new role. They start being polite, attentive and helpful. Like I don’t already know who they are!

I discussed the role at a staff meeting with the team and gave them a date as to when the post would be out. I advertised the role internally; I would say about April 2015.

I knew Rose had the aptitude for the role, I spoke to her about it and asked if she was going to apply. She told me that she thought she would and planned to consider it over the next few days. I said fine. At that point Rose was doubting her talents and I could tell. I encouraged Rose, explaining that the ability was most certainly there and that she possessed the additional skills and knowledge to be able to fulfil the role already. I reassured her that the role would be fully supported by me and that we would be working closely together on this, as I wanted it to be as successful as my other department.

She said she would have a think and get back to me, I left it at that. Rose said thank you and left to go home.

The next week Rose came through again with doubts about her capability for the position. We had another chat, although this time it was different. It was a deeper discussion and this time personal items came into play. This time we discussed past events and problems and how we ended up where we are. We both shared a bit of history and we both opened up on another level. However, I again encouraged Rose, telling her to move forward and show how good she could be. Rose listened and took the advice that I gave her, she told me to watch this space, I informed her I would. I also explained that someone who performed well at interview would be just as much in the running as she was.

Amazing what you find out after events. Apparently the other person who was in the running for the role thought that Rose was going to get it hands down. She had seen Rose and me chatting and just assumed that Rose was the favourite.

Anyway, Rose left again, so thankful and appreciative. The next day I was handed an expression of interest by Rose. She came into my office with that super smile and girl-like motion, just standing there. Rose had this little habit of standing on the outside of her feet, it was so damn cute. I smiled at her as she smiled at me.

Rose passed me a black plastic folder (which I still have) containing an expression of interest. I said, “Let me read it.”

Rose insisted I didn’t as we both laughed. She had this amazing thing where she would say no in a drawn-out pleading kind of way whilst smiling and swinging from side to side. I notice a few of the office staff looking at us.

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