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Relationship Bonding

What is relationship bonding and what does this have to do with saving a marriage?

The key word is relationship and what that actually means. The reality is there are many levels to a relationship.

A friendship is a relationship

A marriage is a relationship

We have relationship with family and many other people. But there are different aspects and levels to each relationship. If you look at Maslow's hierarchy of needs, you will identify to some of the needs that make a relationship.

Love and belonging. What is needed in a relationship? A marital relationship which incorporates all the needs which leads to bonding.

For example sense of connection comes into play in a few different ways. Connection can be physical via hug, or psychological via a, share your day with me.

Don't forget though that bond in not all physical or psychological. It needs to be balanced.

Through simple actions we can bond and when we bond are relationship grows.

In a marriage we tend to become complacent and life maneuvers its way in. We react to life and what it throws at us which can change our mood and even steal our connection with people.

I know I have often thought about hugging my wife but picked up my phone looked at Facebook and 30 min later forgotten all about the hug. That is a lost moment in time.

These lost moments stop us bonding.

We are all individuals and live in our own worlds. One of the most important things is to share our world with our partner. The other most important thing is when your partner offers a piece of their world never refuse it.

Their world and your world, when they clash are wonderful relationship bonding moments.

Of course it is deeper and there are levels and this is where emotions and sex are involved.

To find the pearls of life you have to open the clam.

If your marriage is breaking down look at the levels in the relationship and the methods of bonding. when the bonding stops the relationship stagnates. This is a dangerous zone. Why? If one of you is looking to bond and grow the relationship but the other is distant and preoccupied in work, the children, the phone, hobby or other, the one looking to bond may just bond with the wrong person!

Relationships take work. you do get out what you put in. There are plenty of tips and tricks on how to level up and increase the bonding.

Be creative in bonding.

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