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Relationship Going Down the Drain?

A marriage needs work. No work no enjoyment. It just becomes a routine and you end up going through the motions (I hate going through motions).

It can happen so easily. It kind of creeps up on you.

The trouble is when it does what do you do?

There are two options.

1. You talk about it. You open up.

Sometimes however that is not easy for several reasons, maybe your personality prevents you as you do not like confrontation. You don't want to hurt the other one. Could be you have tried but given up. The other one just does not listen.

There are many reasons.

2. You switch off to your relationship and drift away. DANGER!!

This brings other problems. This opens avenues that create a bigger mess which is even harder to control or sort out.

How do I know? Experience!

I took the hard, complicated route. I survived to tell the tail.

I learnt valuable lessons, the hard way.

At the end of the day there are options and in those options more options. Choose the right option before to much damage is done.

If you have formulated a relationship with someone else you are in trouble. The addiction will be setting in and you have already entered the path of pain.

Be wise. Be strong. Make good decisions and live a healthier life.

If you need help or if you would like to see the path of pain and how it can affect your life read To Blossom and Back.

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