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Sex over rationalisation

Rationalisation is a wonderful thing. We Rationalise heaps of stuff on a daily basis. From crossing the road, what should we eat, shall I go to work?

We all make rational decisions.

But when you enter and go through an affair rationality just disapears. Where does it go to?Who knows? All I know is that rational thinking does not exist and instead becomes impulsive and distorted, stretched and miss shaped.

Throw sex in the mix and well, that just makes it even harder. Excuse the pun!

But to survive we need to be rational. We cannot live on decisions made by impulse. Sometimes impulse is nice but not a whole life time of it. We would end up having a nervouse breakdown.

As humans we need normality, we need to feel a sense of peace and rationale.

However in saying that and now that I live in a relatively normal world (headspace) there are elements I miss.

I miss the buzz. I miss the chase. I miss the excitment etc. Is that so wrong. No it is not.

But maybe these should be sourced in another way. Actually no maybe about it!

But it does take 2 to achieve this.

What to know more. Ask me!

Sometimes we live in an upside down world.

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