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Shake up your life: how to change your own perspective

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

So here is a question. are our choices always a choice?

For example, I had an affair (shame) but if you read my book #ToBlossomandBack you will see that I had to make a choice.

I thought i did make a choice but looking back and thinking I wonder if I really did.

I was deliberating whether or not I should cross the line. Should I or shouldn't I that was the dilemma. However I actually think I had already decided subconsciously that I was going to. Of course I did not really know that.

The truth is I think I was try to work through the guilt rather than to actually make a decision. I was actually trying to justify what I was definitely going to do, which was cross the line.

So maybe choice is not a thing we can always control? It is like one of those puzzle you just can't fix.

What are your thoughts?

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