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The illusion

Life can be a game.

Sometimes cruel and relentless. It gives and it takes away.

No reason, no rhyme!

Life can also play some devastating illusions on us. So much so that it leads us into a fog.

The fog limits our sight, chokes and makes breathing difficult. So much so that it is impossible to navigate. Not only is the fog a barrier, but so is the thought of euphoria.

Your dreams and fantasys illuding you into a false sense of security.

But you continue to lie to yourself.

I know the way. I know the truth. And around you go.

At some point you will be spat out. You will be thrust on the floor to find yourselves disoriented and lost. It has to happen, one way or another.

At this moment you you feel so alone and broken that you actually cry until there are no more tears. Boy, I have been there. When you finally stop crying. You slowly get up from the floor and wander to a seat, a bed anything that will take you.

You sit there gazing into nothing. You feel that all is lost. Not in self pity, but in pure exhaustion. The stress, the pain the guilt and more, has slowly been grinding you down. You have been fueling this on adrenaline.

But still amongst all of the insanity, you lie to yourself. Bargaining for time.

You justify your unjustified decisions and plan your way to more devastation.

Why? Know one will understand why unless they have been there. But why? Because you are so drugged up on 'love' aka fiction, that you exist to be in a place that is short lived.


Love is a stranger In an open car To tempt you in And drive you far away

And I want you And I want you And I want you so It's an obsession

Love is a danger Of a different kind To take you away And leave you far behind And love love love Is a dangerous drug You have to receive it And you still can't Get enough of the stuff

It's savage and it's cruel And it shines like destruction Comes in like the flood And it seems like religion It's noble and it's brutal It distorts and deranges And it wrenches you up And you're left like a zombie

And I want you And I want you And I want you so It's an obsession

It's guilt edged Glamorous and sleek by design You know it's jealous by nature False and unkind It's hard and restrained And it's totally cool It touches and it teases As you stumble in the debris

And I want you And I want you And I want you so It's an obsession

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Annie Lennox / David Allan Stewart

Illusions are amazing. Magic. But not real.

Illusions are dangerous.

Like smoking cigarettes. You give it up, but it haunts you for years.

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