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The reason.

Updated: May 17, 2020

So interestingly it was mentioned that I wrote the book To Blossom and Back for the pure purpose of money..... lol.

However, the truth is I wrote the book for several reasons and here they are.

It is interesting even to me as time moves on what those reason were and are.

1. I wanted to reach others that were going through difficult times and I wanted to share the emotions that one goes through as the betrayer. This is a sensitive subject, but one to be tackled. I never wanted to compare the betrayed or the betrayers emotions, but purely seperate them and show what and how they effect the betrayer which effects the betrayed.

2. Help. If this book has the potential to help one person then I have done some good out of the bad. My intent was to reach those going through an affair or thinking about a bad move and hopefully they may relate or try something that I did which will help them make a good decision.

3. Share. Why not share the experience to try to lay a pathway or provide an option to those who are truly stuck. I am here to help all, not just the selected.

4. I wanted a dairy. As I wander through life, experiences can become lessened due to lifes complications or new happy memories. I did not want to forget what happened. Sounds strange. I relate to that statement the most.

The experience made me feel things that I had never experienced in such a forceful manner.

Emotions that ripped through me and that I had no control over.

I felt lost, trapped, tired, joy, lust, love, to lose. I had to ask, seek, explain and so much more. I learnt the meaning of true love. I learnt that life is not what you expect and more....

Since the affair I have been and moved through different phases of recovery which have been very hard and I think that will lead nicely on to the next blog.

If you want to comment please do. Your comments make me think.

Stay safe.

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