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This may sting.

Loose sight and loose love.

Create loneliness and solace will be seeked elswhere.

Take for granted and all will fade away.

Solitude will not invite company.

I can explain....

A relationship means work. Good work and rewarding work.

What you put in you get out (most of the time)

In todays world we are busy. Work, kids, life in general. Sometimes the ones we love become lost. Not intentionally but just because.

You may of missed your loved ones efforts to connect with you. Their dreams, suggestions or ideas may have fallen on deaf ears.

They did try but they just were not heard.

How many times can the offer be made for someone to enter their world just for 5 minutes?

2 times, 5 times, 10 maybe 100?

They want you to stop, sit with them, connect with them and wonder with them.

Think about it. Have you become absorbed by the daily grind. Kids, work, family, friends all become priority and leaving your loved one just getting what's left. Is that right?

No it isn't.

Time to shake it up and start making a mends before it is to late.

If you make it hard for them to connect, or just keep missing that connection, watch out.

Life is tough and face paced, however it is also precious and short.

Make sure you connect with your partner and make sure it is a good connection.

A good connection will power up your relationship.

Do something different, unexpected. Ask them if you can enter their world for a while?

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