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Affair - Time after time....

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Pride before a fall, yet time and time again couples do not seem to understand that to give a little is a means to reward.

Stubbornness leads to nowhere but heartache. Reaching out means you have tried. But have you reached out and the hand you offer just isn’t taken.

Possibly and that means that the person refusing to take the life line has problems. Those problems may vary and of course the main problem will be the emotions of the affair.

So, what is the answer. Is there an answer. How much patients and time do you have before you say I am wasting my valuable time and life on what?

There is hope though and that hope is visible. As I sit here and write this to you I am hope as I was the person who would not take the life line but did eventually.

Maybe the answer is not time. Maybe the answer is shock?

Maybe you as the one being betrayed needs to make a decision, that enough is enough and no matter how much it hurts make the call to end it.

Take control and start making the ultimatums. Turn the tide and make them think about what they really could loose and if they decide to lose you let them.

Then you can take control of your life and move on.

So why do I as the person who had an affair say this. I say it because it worked for me. My wife tried everything to bring me back, but I was so wrapped up in a fantasy I was just a passenger to her try’s. A passenger that just sat there staring out of the window dreaming.

However, When I was given an ultimatum I awoke from my daze just enough, to start thinking in a way that started to change my perspective. It still took a little time, but I was now conscious enough to see the truth. I pieced the pieces together to make a conclusion and decided to take the path that was unstable but a path to stability. To love and happiness.

We still have problems and sometimes I am driven to despair, but I go back to the first line of this blog and give a little.

We are winning.

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