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Just a thought.

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Suddenly I'm in too deep to ever get out .

I gave you my heart and my soul to keep.

Don't give me your doubts.

I'm over my head and it's scaring me so, I'm in too deep.

Thanks for the crash course

That ride upon your noble horse

Well we jumped the fence that day and rode so far away. Will I forever roam? I only want to come home

So won't you throw me a line? I think it's really time

Suddenly I'm in too deep To ever get out. I gave you my heart and soul to keep. Don't give me your doubts I'm over… So,

Balinda Carlisle.

As I wrote To Blossom and Back and share my experiences and my musings of what I have learnt, I am sure I will offend, or you will want to shout at me in disagreement and astonishment at what I say.

But know this. I have learnt so much, and this education is ongoing. The affair ended, but it is an ongoing notion and rationalisation, as I wonder sometimes aimlessly through life. Plus, appreciate we all have different experiences and are all in different situations, my experience may not be relatable.

But this experience has brought me a new understanding of addictions or, maybe dare I say an understanding, period?

I don’t know, maybe I myself will have more clarity and understanding one day!

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